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Experience Nōmina Wellness's Unique Approach to 'Recovery School'

A Journey of Personal Growth and Recovery:

Dive into our outpatient addiction treatment program, expertly crafted for those facing dual diagnosis and treatment-resistant challenges such as Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, and other intricate mental health concerns. In this program, every participant is envisioned as a student on their personal path to recovery. Experience a harmonious blend of structured learning and unwavering support, all while residing in the sanctuary of your home.

Evidence-Based Curriculum

At the heart of our program lies a syllabus steeped in scientific research, ensuring you receive the best care and knowledge. Throughout the day, you'll engage in enlightening sessions, mastering a rejuvenated approach to life, free from the shackles of mental health challenges and addiction.

Outpatient-addiction-treatment-program icon
Outpatient-addiction-treatment-program icon
Outpatient-addiction-treatment-program icon
Outpatient-addiction-treatment-program icon
Outpatient-addiction-treatment-program icon

Psychoeducation: Understand the why and how of your recovery journey.


Specialized Counselling: Experience tailored addiction and mental health counselling crafted

uniquely for you, provided by our master’s level Registered Psychotherapists proficient in

diverse therapeutic techniques.


Group Engagements: Participate in insightful group dialogues that champion collective growth

and deeper comprehension.


Holistic Lifestyle Nurturing: Discover the art of harmonizing your life for sustained wellness and



Family Education & Support: Our distinctive program weaves your loved ones into the tapestry

of healing, spotlighted by our intensive online weekend retreat, fostering family unity and


Key Offerings

  • Comprehensive Assessment

  • Weekly psychotherapy sessions

  • Direct Neuro Feedback: Exclusively in our 8-week program.

  • Evening Group Sessions

  • Fitness & Lifestyle

  • Family Program

Commitment to Your Well-being

Just as a school is dedicated to the success of its students, at Nōmina, we are unwavering in our commitment to ensure every participant is equipped with the tools and support for enduring well-being. Step into holistic healing and be part of our strength-based approach.

Start Your Journey Today

Your path to transformation begins with the Nōmina Outpatient Treatment Program. Let us be your guide.

Meet Dan Klco, Clinical Director at our Winnipeg Nomina Integrated Health clinic and learn about Outpatient Treatment.

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