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family unification program


Mental health can profoundly impact families, and it's important to support not just the individual struggling but their loved ones. Our virtual family unification program is designed to do just that. Through education and information, we aim to help families better understand addiction and mental health disorders and provide the tools they need to support their loved one's healing journey. 

At Nōmina, we understand the importance of supporting families impacted by mental health disorders and addictions, regardless of their location. That's why we are thrilled to offer our Extended Family Program ONLINE!

Our family support program is specifically designed to provide education, information, and support for families seeking integration and adaptive change. We recognize that mental health affects the entire family system, and our program aims to empower families with intentional teaching and knowledge.

Through our virtual platform, participants will receive the same level of counselling, reunification, and psychoeducational support that is offered in our in-house program. We are committed to delivering the highest quality of care and support to families, even in a virtual setting.

Engage in meaningful reflection and deepen your understanding of mental health disorders and addictions alongside our dedicated Nōmina family. Our online program ensures that families can access the necessary resources and guidance from their homes.

No matter where you are, Nōmina supports and guides your family toward healing and transformation. Join our Extended Family Program ONLINE and experience the same level of care and support from our passionate team.

If your family is struggling, call us today to register for any of the following sessions:


Nov 4 & 5, 2023

Dec 9 & 10, 2023

Jan 27/28 2024

Mar 9/10

Apr 27/28

Jun 8/9th

Jul 27/28

Sep 14/15

Nov 2/3rd

Dec 14/15

Watch our YouTube video explaining the family program with our facilitator, Samantha Hunt:

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