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mental health programs


Nōmina Wellness offers Canada's leading mental health programs, providing innovative and comprehensive support for individuals struggling with complex mental health issues. Our approach is rooted in trauma-informed care, and our programs have been designed based on years of scientific research on lasting transformational change.

Led by our highly skilled registered psychotherapists with master's level training, our programs enable you to uncover the root causes of specific issues and make connections between your past, present, and future. Our programs are specifically designed to address the unique needs of individuals facing substance abuse and complex mental health conditions.


Our mental health and addiction programs cover various psychological disorders such as bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, cluster B disorders, attachment disorders, anxiety, depression, chronic stress, phobias, and gender dysphoria. We also provide specialized support for trauma-related conditions like PTSD, military sexual trauma, and physiological disorders, including medically unexplained symptoms, chronic pain, and sex/sexual functioning issues. Additionally, our program addresses addiction disorders, such as substance abuse, eating disorders, gambling addiction, technology dependence, sex addiction, and hoarding.


At Nōmina Wellness, we understand that finding the right program is essential for your recovery. Our core programs are typically 6-8 weeks and are adjustable to meet your care needs. Contact us today for a comprehensive assessment to determine the ideal program for your needs.


At Nōmina Wellness, we understand that effective treatment goes beyond traditional methods. That's why our Core Inpatient Treatment Program integrates a range of specialized services tailored to each individual’s unique needs. Our program is designed to offer a holistic approach, combining trauma-focused core programming, life development, vocational resources, fitness and lifestyle classes, and nutritional support.


One of the key strengths of our Core Program is the support of our highly skilled facilitators, registered psychotherapists, and other professionals. With their expertise and guidance, you will have the opportunity to explore and develop essential life skills that empower you to navigate challenges and achieve personal growth. 


Experience the convenience and accessibility of our Core Outpatient Treatment Program. Our day program allows you to receive robust outpatient addiction treatment or outpatient mental health support.


Our Outpatient Program includes many of the same exceptional features found in our Core Inpatient Program, ensuring high-quality care:


  • An initial assessment conducted by various providers based on your treatment plan

  • Weekly psychotherapy sessions led by both a primary clinician and a dedicated support counsellor

  • Direct Neurofeedback*available in the 8-week program

  • Evening group support meetings

  • Fitness and other lifestyle classes

  • Integrated family education



Embrace the power of virtual treatment with Nōmina Wellness. Our Virtual Treatment Program provides convenient access to robust care and support from the comfort of your home.


Experience the same exceptional features found in our Outpatient Program, ensuring high-quality treatment and transformative healing.


Take the first step towards your well-being journey with our accessible and effective virtual program.


In addition to our Core Programs, we offer several comprehensive concierge services:


Discover Nōmina Wellness' highly specialized Young Adult Recovery Program, providing holistic healing and support for individuals aged 18-25.


Through our two week intensive program, we focus on optimizing your mental health, reconnecting you with what matters most, and providing support for addiction, relationships, emotions, grief, and difficult behaviours.


Our evidence-based approach combines cutting-edge therapies and a multidisciplinary team to provide customized and all-inclusive 7-week treatment plans, focusing on holistic healing and accelerated recovery.

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