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Nōmina Mental Health Programs

Nōmina Wellness offers a range of mental health programs designed to help individuals overcome their struggles and achieve holistic wellness. Our evidence-based programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of each participant, with a focus on promoting self-awareness, personal growth, and meaningful change. By combining traditional and alternative therapies, Nōmina Wellness aims to provide a comprehensive approach to mental health treatment that addresses the underlying causes of mental health issues and empowers individuals to take control of their lives. Whether struggling with depression, anxiety, addiction, or trauma, Nomina Wellness offers a safe and supportive environment for individuals to begin their journey toward healing and recovery.

Nomina core addictions program

Core Program

Our mental health recovery programs are designed around a six-week program based on the STAMP wellness model founded by Dr. Adriana Wilson using an integrated approach. 

Nomina Comprehensive Mental Health Recovery Program

Comprehensive Program

Our Comprehensive Recovery Program builds on our Core Program. It is designed for those who need additional time to focus on their complex mental health needs, or who need comprehensive resources as part of their treatment plan.

Nomina Skills Program

Skills-Focused Program

Also modeled after our Core Program, our Skills-Focused Program provides the same core services with the primary difference of shared accommodations and less customization of programming as required in a comprehensive program.

Nomina Young Adult Recovery Program

Young Adult Program

Our registered physiotherapists help make connections for youth about how their past influences their present and improves their future. The limited size of our youth groups allows us to tailor programs to the individual needs of each of our clients. 

Nomina Family Program

Our family program is designed to provide education and information that supports the integration and adaptive change needed for the entire family.

Intensive Family Program

Nomina Mental Health Retreat

Revive & Connect

Our skilled team of registered physiotherapists understands the unique challenges that can occur following a crisis and are highly developed in post-acute care. This 2-week intensive program is designed to optimize your mental health, with an emphasis on reconnecting you with what matters most.

Nomina Sex Therapy Program

Intensive Sex Therapy

We recognize that sometimes individuals and couples need support working through complex sexual health issues. In addition to our regular Sex Therapy program, we also offer a 2-week sex therapy intensive program to both individuals and couples.

Nomina Pain Management Program

In partnership with Origin Integrated Health, we have brought together a team of highly-trained specialists to provide an evidence-based comprehensive approach to managing chronic pain and sports injuries.

Pain Management & Sports Injury Program

Nomina Sleep Recovery Program

Sleep Recovery Program

Untreated sleep disorders can lead to complications such as diabetes, chronic pain, difficulty losing weight, emotional balance, and an increased chance of heart attack. Through our collaborative partners, we are able to support the delivery of cutting-edge, advanced technologies to help deliver services such as oral appliances to help promote better quality sleep.

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