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Revive & Reconnect
2 Week Mental Health Retreat

We recognize that the coronavirus has impacted us all, as a global crisis can bring out various ways of coping. As the world comes out of pause, back into the hustle and bustle of daily living, we will all be re-orienting into the new normal. However, if you are finding your ability to function may have been impacted by the excessive stress, rest assured you are not alone. Many people may find themselves feeling, sad, angry, struggling with loss, and feeling overwhelmed as they return to life. We as humans are social creatures, and isolation or any combination of a change in our patterns can impact everyone differently. Some mental health concerns may require acute short-term mental health stabilization and support – we are here to help.

We at Nōmina want to support you in reconnecting with your best self with our specialized mental health retreat.

Our skilled team of registered psychotherapists and mental health professionals understands the unique challenges that can occur following a crisis and are highly developed in post-acute care. Our two-week intensive program with our specialized team is specifically designed to optimize your mental health, with an emphasis on reconnecting you with what matters most. 

Whether you need help with brief addiction support, relationship building, dealing with difficult emotions, or processing grief, we are here to help support you to get back on solid ground. 

Our unique programs are designed to support complex mental health and to help you manage difficult behaviours. They combine leading evidenced-based treatment while integrating proven holistic elements to help reconnect you with your best self.

During your two-week mental health retreat we will focus on helping you:

·        Recognize how you navigate crisis and the grieving process

·        Identify your coping tools

·        Develop your strengths to help you manage life’s challenges

·        Work on communication skills to reconnect with friends and workplaces

·        Understand your problem-solving skills and increase resiliency

·        Promote psychological healing

·        Learn grounding and containment to manage difficult emotions

·        Revive connection to your strongest self

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