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Halifax Drug Rehab


Dive into one of the industry's most robust outpatient treatment programs. At Nōmina Wellness, we transcend conventional care by delivering transformative mental health and addiction healing grounded in evidence-based therapies. Nestled in Halifax, our clinic extends a nurturing embrace to those on a journey toward healing and personal growth.

Halifax Drug Rehab by Nōmina Wellness: Your Beacon to Comprehensive Outpatient Treatment



Leading the Charge in Addiction & Mental Health Treatment in Halifax

As a frontrunner among Halifax drug rehab programs, Nōmina Wellness offers a tapestry of individualized and advanced therapies. Our elite team of registered psychotherapists brings a wealth of knowledge and training to the table. We specialize in addressing intricate and treatment-resistant mental health and addiction disorders, ensuring unmatched quality care for every individual venturing into recovery. Our Halifax Drug Rehab provides an oasis of calm, ideal for those exploring inpatient mental health and addiction healing.

Embracing Comprehensive Programs & Holistic Strategies

At Nōmina Wellness, we interlace time-tested modalities with holistic innovations. Our offerings encompass trauma-centered programs, engaging counselling sessions, illuminating psycho-education, and beyond.

Embark on Your Healing 

If the shadows of addiction loom large over you or a loved one, and you're scouting for a top-tier addiction and mental health treatment hub in Halifax, Nōmina Wellness is your sanctuary.



Contact us to learn more about our outpatient and to take your first step toward recovery.


Our executive house is set in a tranquil Niagara location overlooking beautiful water views. It features both private and shared accommodations with full amenities. Our luxurious and home-like facilities provide a comfortable and serene environment for your healing journey. Our private bedrooms offer a peaceful retreat, accompanied by private bathrooms for added privacy. Stay active in our on-site gym and unwind in our shared kitchen, creating a sense of community and connection. Experience the warmth and tranquillity of our facilities as you embark on your path to wellness.


Discover the team behind Nōmina Wellness's Halifax Drug Rehab Outpatient Program. Meet our experts and learn about our approach to care mental health and addiction recovery. Our master's level registered psychotherapists provide compassionate support to empower individuals on their mental health and addiction healing journey.

Comprised of highly experienced professionals with diverse specializations, our team ensures the highest standard of care. At Nōmina Wellness, we excel in working with complex and treatment-resistant disorders. We tailor our approach to meet your unique needs, utilizing evidence-based treatments and innovative modalities for lasting positive change.


Khanden MacMullin
Registered Therapist

Khanden uses various therapeutic modalities, including bodywork, which acknowledges that our bodies often retain the imprint of our experiences, and he works collaboratively to address and process these imprints. 


Cat specializes in trauma recovery using EMDR and Integrated Trauma & Attachment Treatment Model, which are enhanced by integrating mindfulness-based, somatic, and relational therapies.

Pamela-Tortorelli .webp

Pamela Tortorelli
Registered Therapist

Pamela specializes in narrative therapy, which helps reshape personal stories, CBT that addresses maladaptive patterns, and solution-focused therapy that zooms in on tangible goals. 


Yasin Ahmadi
Registered Therapist
RCT(c), RP (q)

Yasin works with adults and young adults. He specialize in CBT, ACT, and Schema Therapy. These methods can offer clarity, reshape negative patterns, and foster acceptance. 


Tel. 1 (877) 651-0293‬

3480 Joseph Howe Dr #403, Halifax, NS B3L 4H7


St. Catharines Teatmet Centre
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