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Hurt Happens.
Healing is Possible.

Our Centres for Addiction and Mental Health

At Nomina Wellness and Nomina Integrated Health Centres for Addiction and Mental Health, we pride ourselves on the highly experienced team of professionals who have a diverse range of clinical excellence from various settings. All of our counsellors are master’s level practitioners, who are highly skilled in working with more treatment-resistant and complex disorders


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Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
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Nōmina @ Forbidden Plateau

Comprehensive Stay Treatment

 Nōmina @ Forbidden Plateau is a premier centre for addiction and mental health, specializing in holistic treatment of trauma, addictions, and other complex mental health conditions

Sandwick Manor House

Skills Development Programs

Nōmina’s second stage and recovery housing lets you remain living in our supportive environment while continuing to access our integrated programs and resources.

Integrated Health

Community Clinics

Nōmina Integrated Health provides therapeutic services to promote mental wellness. Offering specialized mental health counselling and addictions programming for individuals, families, couples and their supports.