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Nōmina Wellness is a premier addiction and mental health program, specializing in dual diagnosis.

Nōmina Wellness is a leading addiction and mental health program focused on the holistic healing of dual diagnosis and more complex, treatment-resistant disorders. We support those who need more intensive healing programs with advanced care needs.

What Makes Nōmina’s Addiction and Mental Health Program Different?

Nōmina Wellness is Canada's only addiction and mental health program operating with unique and dynamic programs that support complex and mental health. Rooted in our trauma-informed care, our uniquely designed sequenced program has been modelled after years of scientific research on lasting transformational change.

Our registered psychotherapists hold a minimum master’s level education, enabling them to provide progressive, evidence-based approaches to support you as a whole person. We create a personalized plan to help you achieve optimal wellness by integrating leading therapeutic techniques such as ISTDP, EMDR, Direct Neurofeedback, CBT, DBT, and somatic-based practices with cutting-edge medical science.


Nōmina is dedicated to the highest level of healing. From intensive one-on-one counselling, active living recreation, integrated nutrition, creative exploration, and a highly specialized team of collaborative professionals, we have developed an innovative and comprehensive experience.

An Integrated Family Approach

Working with a Healing Centred Engagement (HCE) approach, Nōmina recognizes the importance of loved ones and community engagement as part of the healing process. We recognize that healing does not happen in isolation. Healing takes time, patience, and an abundance of strength our loved ones have provided.


Our comprehensive family integration programming is designed to support those affected by their loved one’s mental health journey. We acknowledge the profound impacts and sacrifices our families make as part of this process.


Nōmina offers exclusive family intensive programs intended to unite the constellation of support as part of the journey to wellness.

Private, Confidential, and Refined

The confidentiality of all of our clients is one of our cornerstones, we take a number of steps to ensure that your confidentiality and privacy are protected.  


Intakes are done at scheduled intervals (on Fridays and Saturdays) to help facilitate the easiest transition  to the resort. To optimize healing, we work with top industry professionals to integrate various aspects of treatment, including outside medical professionals, dieticians, massage therapists, and other movement specialists.

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