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In our Suicide Prevention Guide for Parents, we delve into the crucial aspects of:

Recognizing the Signs. Being attuned to subtle cues and behaviours that indicate suicidal ideation can be a lifesaver. Our guide outlines these signs, from emotional expressions to tangible actions, helping parents discern if their child is at risk.

Role of Parents in Prevention. As a parent, your intuition and bond place you in a unique position to provide immediate care and support. Our guide offers actionable steps and considerations to facilitate this role effectively. 

Building a Suicide Safety Plan. This is a proactive measure designed to guide both parents and their children during distressing moments, ensuring safety and providing a beacon of hope.


Resources: Ensure that you have a tangible lifeline whenever the need arises.

If you or a loved one grapples with such thoughts, please seek immediate assistance. There is hope, and with the right support, a brighter future is attainable.

Download our comprehensive Suicide Prevention Guide for Parents today to make a difference.

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