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Sandwick Manor House

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At Nōmina, we recognize that some clients need support beyond our core 6-week program.

Our second stage sober living house at Sandwick Manor allows clients to live in a supportive environment while continuing to access our inpatient mental health and addiction treatment programs and resources. Clients at Sandwick Manor will continue to work with their counsellors from their time at Nōmina @ Forbidden Plateau through our community offices at Nōmina Integrated Health.

Our programming at Sandwick Manor further emphasizes the importance of community engagement as a part of the healing process. Our private location is hidden in an easily accessible part of town, where clients will work towards becoming further integrated into the community of Courtenay. At Sandwick Manor, we encourage clients’ autonomy while promoting life skill development. Clients will be supported in promoting skill development, including budgeting, vocational support, and time management. They will also have support in developing their own menu planning in consultation with nutrition support and guidance through weekly cooking classes with our Executive Chef from Nōmina @ Forbidden Plateau.

Accommodations at Sandwick Manor sober living house are semi-private to promote social engagement. There is a shared kitchen, on-site laundry, and common rooms, all hosted on a beautifully landscaped and tranquil 1-acre property.

Sandwick Manor is a sober house with a zero-tolerance substance use policy. This ensures a safe living space for all of our clients in their healing journey. Weekly SMART Recovery and Refuge groups will also be held at Sandwick Manor, allowing for further engagement with other members of the community in a familiar space.

Our second stage program is open to not only clients who have completed Nōmina’s core program, but also to those who are not actively using and have completed a minimum of a 30-day treatment program at another facility. Please feel free to contact us if you, or someone you know, would benefit from our program at Sandwick Manor.

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