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Intensive Sex Therapy

We recognize that sometimes individuals and couples need support working through complex issues relating to their sexual health. In addition to our regular program, we offer weekend, 1 and 2 weeks options for couples. 

Come and spend 15 days, 14 nights with male and female registered sex therapists. At the start of the stay, each participant will undergo an extensive assessment that will develop your relational patterns and provide insight into your sexuality. This will be used to help customize the needs of each participant to help deepen the focus of the treatment. Over the next two weeks, participants will be engaged in somatic and educational work, communication and relationship strengthening, as well as support in various aspects of intimacy building.

Our Intensive Sex Therapy program is intended to be a comprehensive exploration of sexuality. We work with a range of sexual concerns including sex addiction, mismatched desire/arousal templates, sexual behaviour, sexually related disorders, intimacy building, as well as couples wishing to deepen their relationship and/or heal from varying circumstances.

Training will include workshops, seminars, and interactive components designed to promote a healthy exploration of sexual needs. All participants will be pre-screened and have signed confidentiality agreements to ensure the privacy and protection of all participants.

This is a LGBTQ+ friendly environment.

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