Please select one of the specialized addictions & mental health facilities below to learn more about each of our facilities and treatment options.

In the spirit of respect and truth, Nomina wishes to take a step towards reconciliation by offering our facilities for Indigenous groups to practice their own forms of spiritual healing. Although Nomina practices western healing therapies, we have the utmost respect for Creator and the spiritual practices of Indigenous people. We wish to hold space for Indigenous people to conduct your own healing such as sweats, healing circles and ceremonies. We would be honored to co-create with you any supports to assist in healing. 

Nomina Forbidden Plateau
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Nomina Community Clinics
Nomina Community Clinics

Forbidden Plateau

Comprehensive Stay Treatment

 Nōmina @ Forbidden Plateau is a premier centre for mental health & addiction, specializing in holistic treatment of trauma, addictions, and other complex mental health conditions

Sandwick Manor House

Skills Development Programs

Nōmina’s second stage and recovery housing lets you remain living in our supportive environment while continuing to access our integrated programs and resources.


Shared Accomodations

Margaret’s House was specially designed for those seeking more community-based support in shared accommodation. Set in a home-like environment, Margaret’s house is ideal for those looking for a longer-term or more affordable stay.

Integrated Health

Community Clinics

Nōmina Integrated Health provides therapeutic services to promote mental wellness. Offering specialized mental health counselling and addictions programming for individuals, families, couples, and their supports.