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Skills-Focused Program

Nōmina Wellness's Skills-Focused Program is a comprehensive program designed to help individuals struggling with mental health and addiction. This program is modelled after Nomina's proven Core Program, which has a strong track record of success. The Skills Focused Program takes place in our community setting, offering the same quality 24/7 care with increased emphasis on integration and life skills development. This allows us to maximize access to our collaborative partners and supports while increasing client success.

Our Skills Focused Program is an excellent option for those who need more intimate, flexible integrated care supports and for individuals for our individuals who are more complex in nature.


The program offers the same trauma-focused core programming, life development, vocational resources, fitness and lifestyle classes, and nutritional support. It also offers the same support of our skilled facilitators, registered psychotherapists, and other professionals; while having better access to community resources with clients being better prepared to succeed in practicing newfound skills. The program encourages individuals to understand their unique abilities to thrive as engaged and committed community members.

Our Skills-Focused Program provides:

  • Small group size

  • Psycho-education classes

  • Weekly 1:1 therapy sessions with your team

  • Resource and skill building development Transition and goal planning

  • Engaging in physical activities and outings

  • Nutritional support

  • Comprehensive assessments with psychiatrist, psychologist or other allied professionals *as determined based on care requirements

  • Group therapy

  • Family support as well as family guidance to help you and your supports navigate collaboration with other health professionals

  • One year of aftercare follow-up

Please email or call 1-877-651-0293 for further info

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