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Skills-Focused Program

Modeled after our Core Program, our Skills-Focused Program provides:


  • The Same trauma focused core programming.


  • The same life development, vocational resources, recreation and lifestyle classes, and supports, diet and cooking education, all while continuing to understand how to manage our specific mental health concerns.


  • The same support of our skilled facilitators registered psychotherapists, and other professionals, all while having access to community resources, clients will be better prepared to succeed in practicing newfound skills.


  • The same goals of encouraging individuals to understand their unique abilities so that they can thrive as engaged and committed members of the community.

The primary variations are shared accommodation at our Margarets House and less customization of retreat services as required in a comprehensive program, leaving space for increased skill development. The Skills-Focused program provides our exceptional and advanced mental health and addiction recovery, in the beautiful setting of Comox Valley, at an affordable rate.

Please email or call 1-877-651-0293 for further info

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