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Core Program

Our addictions and mental health retreat programs are designed around a 6-week, integrated program based on the STAMP wellness model founded by Dr. Adriana Wilson.


In addition to psychoeducation on various components of wellness, our program offers several core elements including:

  • Individual therapy with a registered master’s level psychotherapists

  • Group therapy facilitated by skilled group registered psychotherapists

  • Psychoeducation on key areas integral to healing

  • A range of recreational activities such as:

    • yoga

    • running

    • walking

    • snowshoeing

    • hiking

    • weight lifting

    • mountain biking

    • cross country skiing

  • Integrated mindfulness classes that encourage skills to help bring attention to the here and now.

These elements set the stage for total healing and change. You may not know what you’re capable of at the start, but you will amaze yourself at the end with all that you’ve accomplished!

Our program is based on a 6-week cycle. Occasionally clients may wish to extend their stay. We can’t blame them as the healing we watch is simply powerful. However, our goal is to support you in your transition. From the time you arrive, we start working with you to support your goals and build that into your plan to return home.

If a refresher is needed, we are happy to find a space, but guests will be limited to 2 cycles within our program. Rest assured there will always be extensive outpatient and supportive engagements beyond your stay at Nōmina.

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